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We advise you to please stay home.

If you absolutely must go out please carry hand sanitizer and keep your mouth and nose covered.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we will be using telehealth for most patients.

We are going to use telehealth to “see you” for your office visit.  Exceptions are rare.

We use Klara for all of our telehealth which may be accessed with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You may need to have your child, spouse or neighbor help you with this.

We are working as a team to create the best possible patient experience.
Still working as a team to bring you the best possible care!

What to Expect

You will be given two appointment times:

  • The first appointment will be with Whitney or Barbara. They will do everything as though you were sitting in the office except they will be calling you via Facetime or Google Duo. Then they will ask you all the questions you normally answer on the iPad. They will also ask you to hold your pill bottle up for them to see the fill dates and for you to lay your pills out so they can count them. The only thing they cannot do is take your vitals.  We ask that you take your temperature on the day of your appointment. Ideally all patients have a way to monitor their blood pressure and pulse. Please take that as well.

  • The second appointment is when you will “see” Dr. Bothe or Lisa. They will call you via Facetime or Google Duo and it will be almost like you are in the same room. If you are having a particular problem they may have you set the phone so they can see you move or they may demonstrate exercises for you right over the phone. At the end of the call they will send your prescriptions to your pharmacy.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this difficult time.