Holiday Update

Hi friends this message is coming from Barbara Bothe.  I am covering several topics in the message and I hope you will take the time to skim down through each of them.

LISA:  Lisa’s surgery went very well and for an early Christmas present she got a brand new, bouncing baby ACL.  Exactly what she asked Santa for.  She and her new ACL are at home recuperating, following doctor’s orders to take it very easy.  I’m sure that you, like me can’t really picture Lisa taking it easy but her spouse is sitting on her as needed!  She appreciates all the well wishes that have come in and we will continue to share those with her.

HOLIDAY HOURS:  As we have entered this holiday week our work schedule and phone coverage has changed through January 2.  We have patient appointments scheduled through this Wednesday afternoon and then Lisa has generously given us the rest of this week and all next week off.  Klara and our telephone line will be working even when the office is closed, and I will be checking messages both places at least once each morning and once each afternoon.  If there is a problem with your medication or you require a prior authorization Lisa and I will handle them.  If there is an after hours emergency, please call me directly at 828.691.0155 or Lisa at 828.712.5041

THIS PAST YEAR:  As a team we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what has been a momentous year.  As a staff we have all lost loved ones this year.  Most prominently of course was the loss of Dr. Bothe.  As most of you know he was not only an amazing physician and human being, he was also my husband, Whitney’s father, Lisa’s mentor, Cati and Christine’s friend.  You might be surprised how much your own grieving, your encouragement and your support has meant to our work family.  You were precious to him, and you are precious to us.

STAFF:  With Whitney taking time off to be a full-time mom and author, Christine and I decided to divide up the duties between us for a few months.  This would not have been possible without everyone’s help.  Completing Health Reviews a day ahead and sending us timely pics of your medications has made it possible for us to continue to serve you without additional disruption.

COVID:  Who would have thought this would still be plaguing us?  In August, as the Delta variant came around, nearly 10% of you were either diagnosed with or recovering from Covid.  Now comes Omicron and who know what comes after that?  We continue to believe that vaccinations are the way out of this, but vaccinations alone are not going to do it.  Vaccinated or not, we strongly encourage everyone to wear masks and practice social distancing.

TELEHEALTH:  Covid turned the medical world on its head and that is not altogether a bad thing.  Prior to Covid, Telehealth was not something we could really offer and now Telehealth is here to stay.  Prior to Covid we could not use platforms such as Facetime and Duo to see you and now we can.  But what has been lost is that personal touch that we think is so very important.  We want to see you, hug, you and let Lisa do more hands-on care!  In 2022 we will be scheduling more in the office appointments so that we can see you in the flesh more often.

On behalf of Lisa, Christine, Cati and me we wish you the best and safest of holidays and look forward to a better 2022!

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