5 Ideas to Pick Up a Day

pick up the day


It would be easy to say Happy Holidays! But that very phrase—while thought to be benign—can be a trigger for all of us depending on life circumstances.

While I do hope everyone enjoys the holiday, however that looks for each of you, I am very clear that regardless of what road you are on, the holidays can be tough.

Truth be told, while I enjoy (generally) the holidays, I get overwhelmed with (my perception) of the “Hallmark Holiday” mandate. I am not the person that will have Christmas up the day after Thanksgiving or even any time before Thanksgiving.  I am not the “joyful joyful” person for however many days are in the season.  I am not depressed or blah…I remain just me. I do sincerely reflect on the original purpose surrounding the holidays and try to be Thankful and of Grace and Mindful where the origins of holidays are concerned.  But fruitcake? Yeah….NO.

I am not a scrooge by any means, but I long for simplicity. I long to stay away from how much to spend and what to do to make others happy. At the end of the day, most of us have everything we need and making other people happy is not anyone else’s job…except…when it comes to kids. 

And that can be hard due to aches and pains—physical (we do too much) and emotional (mental health of self and others and drama) in today’s CRAZY world that WE try to overcome, push through, ignore, or escape. 

As I was going through my daily readings of online sources I like to read, I ran across this article in one of my favorite online magazines. While this article is great for ANY time of year, I thought it relevant for this time of year for anyone who may be physically or emotionally having a bad day.

Having a Terrible Day? Turn Things Around by Doing These 5 Simple Things

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