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Brian Bothe MD

Opioid Use Disorder

We offer top quality addiction treatment in Hendersonville, NC. Dr Bothe is a Board Certified Addiction Specialist, and is an expert in treating Opioid Use Disorder. He and his staff are passionate about changing lives.

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Chronic Pain & Opioid Addiction

Our staff is experienced in treating chronic pain, which gives them a unique approach to treating Opioid Use Disorder in chronic pain patients.

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Chronic Migraine Treatment

We understand that migraines are more than just a bad headache, and offer a wide variety of treatment options.

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High Quality Care

Our staff is dedicated to serving you with the best possible care. We use a team approach to find innovative solutions for your healthcare needs. We work with you one step at a time, at your pace not ours.

Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Bothe is regularly named for the Compassionate Doctor Recognition, and is listed as a Top Physician in his field by the Patient’s Choice Awards, and other prestigious patient driven recognition. He also received the Top Doctor Award in 2019.

Top Addiction Medicine Specialist Award 2019.
High quality addiction treatment Hendersonville, NC.
High Quality Addiction Treatment in Hendersonville, NC

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