Using Exercise to Aid Addiction Recovery

Kayaking is a great form of exercise for addiction recovery

This is not an article about how exercise is what you should do. Everyone knows that exercise is something that we should do. But there are a lot of things we know we should do that we don’t.

In the midst of a global pandemic it can feel like the list of things we should do is never ending and pointless. For someone in recovery, regular life is overwhelming enough without the constant turmoil Covid-19 has brought. So why make time to exercise?

Boxing is another great form of exercise for addiction recovery

How Exercise Can Aid Your Recovery Journey

You, your body, and your mind deserve to feel good. Period. Regardless of any other responsibilities, emotions, or pressures. Exercise is the one item that got checked off your to do list today so you can go to bed proud. It is the self care time that you need to burn off your frustrations or forget them altogether. The part of your day that is about taking care of you and your health. Because you deserve to feel better.

Don’t believe it? Check out some success stories and science backed reasons as to why you need exercise in your life:

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Virtual fitness classes allow this community battling addiction to gain strength during lockdown

Biking is another great form of exercise for addiction recovery

How to Find the Most Nourishing Activity for You

If your idea of exercise is boring, painful, or something to dread then it is not the right exercise for you. If you hate it you won’t do it. Any new addition to your life will be difficult to adopt at first, but there is a difference between adjusting to something and despising it.

Start by asking yourself a few questions:

• Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?

• Would you rather be with people or alone?

• Is it more appealing to do something with a fast pace or a slower pace?

• Do you have any other health problems that need to be considered?

• What sounds fun and exciting to you?

Answering these questions can help determine the right path for you. Resist the urge to chose your activity based on what is the best or healthiest. The best routine is the one that you enjoy and will do regularly.

Weightlifting is another great form of exercise for addiction recovery

You Can Do It

It is going to be tough and scary and all of the things that make you want to give up. But it will also be rewarding, fulfilling, and fun. Don’t let your fears rob you of the potential relief movement can bring. You can do it, we believe in you.

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