National Recovery Month 2018 – A Quick Reflection

This article was originally posted on our website October 1, 2018.

September was National Recovery Month, sponsored by SAMHSA, as a way to bring awareness to substance abuse disorders and highlight the success stories of those in recovery. Linked below are a collection of articles that have been posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages to celebrate Recovery Month and give readers valuable information about addiction, as well as inspiring stories of communities coming together to make a difference during the Opioid crisis.

September recognized as National Recovery Month

Art and music festival benefits addiction recovery

Local nurse helps educate community on Narcan, Opioid crisis

Police Use Narcan To Rescue Overdose Victim in Rockland

Instagram will send a pop-up about Opioid addiction support if you search certain hashtags

USC offers Narcan to students in fight against Opioid addiction

Rally supports Idahoans in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction

Group Fighting Addiction Gives Free Narcan to Training Seminar Attendees

Portland recognizes National Recovery Month

Librarians in Garland County fighting the Opioid epidemic with Narcan

Running to Recovery: Battling addiction through exercise

Treatment Clinic Beat the Odds to Help Patients During Hurricane Florence

Do You Really Need That Opioid Prescription?

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