Update of Changes to the Practice

Hello from Lisa

As everyone knows, there have been a lot of changes around here this summer.  Here are just a few more that will be important for you to know.


  • Barbara says “no one can say or spell Allayant and it’s time for it to go”
  • I want to honor Dr. Bothe who was my mentor and friend by carrying on his legacy of compassion for his patients.
  • We are happy to announce Legacy Recovery and Wellness pc 


I am very happy to introduce to you Becky Wells, LPN.  Becky worked with Dr. Bothe and me at the Asheville clinic for 4 years.  Now she is joining me in Hendersonville as well.

I have contracted with Solor billing to handle all matters related to insurance and finance.  

  • This is a company Barbara knows very well and is a great fit for us. 
  • They have an 800 number and you may call them at any time with any questions about your account.
    • That number will appear on future billing and Christine will have it for you as well.


Covid continues to be a deadly, life threatening and life altering disease.  

  • As the new Covid variants have arrived we are seeing a significant uptick in the number of cases. In one recent thirty day period, nearly 10% of our patients had been diagnosed with or were in recovery from Covid. 
  • The most common sentiment is “I would not wish this on my worst enemy”.  
  • The medical literature is clear, the vaccine works. 
  • There are breakthrough cases, but the vaccine is providing 88% protection for the Delta variant.
    • The 12% of vaccinated people with Covid are reportedly not nearly as sick as the unvaccinated.
  • In NC there is a 15-fold increase in deaths in unvaccinated patients versus vaccinated
    • 3,000 deaths out of 100,000 unvaccinated Covid patients versus 230 deaths out of 100,000 vaccinated Covid patients. 


  • If you are vaccinated, the booster is here. 
  • If you have a poor immune system or are considered immuno-compromised, it is recommended you get the booster now.
    • I got mine last week! 
  • If you are not immuno-compromised, the boosters will be rolling out toward the end of September. 
    • The US recommendation is to have the booster 8 months after your second vaccine. 
  • Talk to your primary care provider or talk to me if you have questions!


Thank you for choosing this practice to receive your care.  The staff and I are aware you have choices. We are humbled and grateful for your trust in us!


Lisa, Barbara, Christine, Whitney and Becky

Legacy Recovery and Wellness PC

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