Habits for a Stress Free Home

House plants are great for improving both your mental and physical health. Make your home stress free by adding a few potted plants!
House plants are a great for improving your mental and physical health. Canva

When thinking about how to improve your mental health, one element that’s often overlooked is your living environment. Having a stress free home means being able to relax and unwind rather than feeling constantly stressed by dirt and clutter. It doesn’t need to be complex or expensive to improve your living space, small changes make a big difference. Open your windows to let in some fresh air and natural light. Add a few easy to care for house plants. Remove clutter from surfaces. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Linked below are some more helpful tips from experts on how you can have a more relaxing home.

How to Make Your Home More Peaceful

5 Simple Ways to Create a Stress-Free Home, According to a Happiness Expert

10 Ways To Make Your Home A Stress-Free Sanctuary

Why Indoor Plants Make You Feel Better

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