Dealing with Migraines Part 2 – A Few Helpful Resources

This article was originally posted to our website May 16, 2019.

Last December we published an article with some helpful information about migraines – and now it’s time for part two. Linked below are a few helpful articles with news and practical tips for understanding migraines.

Does Caffeine Help A Headache Or Not? Here’s What Experts Say.

How To Prevent Headaches And Migraines During Pregnancy

How To Tell If You Have A Headache, Sinus Pain Or A Migraine

I Completely Revamped My Diet—And Said Goodbye To Chronic Migraines

Neurology and Women’s Health: Migraines

The truth about migraines, and why you keep getting them

For more information about our treatment options, please visit our Migraine page.

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