Special Thank You To Our Patients

Using Telemedicine to Contact Patients

Thank you for hanging in with us while we have tried to master Telehealth/Video
Visual calls. Who knew the technology would be so challenging? You hung in there with us, we could not have done it without you!

Thank you for accepting the Klara messaging system. It is far from perfect, but it
has made it much easier for us to respond to your needs in a timelier manner than ever before. Having you respond to the Health Review questions a day ahead of your appointment has made it so we can pay much more attention to you and what your needs are and spend less time checking off boxes.

Thank you for your understanding of a staff mostly working from home. We
appreciate your patience with barking dogs, ringing doorbells and even baby Eowyn making surprise appearances in your video feed. It has meant the world to both Whitney and Christine to be able to work from home. YOU and your patience have helped to make it all work.

Thank you to everyone who has made an accommodation for a schedule change
just to help someone else out. There have been a lot of you. We have the kindest
most generous patients we could possibly ask for.

Thank you most of all for the trust you have placed in us. It is an honor for all of
us that you choose to allow us to be a part of your healthcare journey.

Clinical Team

Lisa Wheeler PA-C

Whitney Wilson

Admin Team

Christine Gardner

Barbara Iles Bothe

Cati Harris


Text is the quickest and most efficient way to contact us.  We offer direct messaging with the providers and the staff through the Klara messaging system.  Klara can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  If you are new to us why not try it out?  It is the message box right over there on the right hand side of your screen.


Phone is the second best way to contact us.  If we don’t answer it is because we are taking care of patients or it is after hours but we will respond to any voicemail messages.

Our Phone Number: 828-490-4444

Patient Portal

Portals are awkward to use for communicating with us.  Using the portal is great for looking up lab results but mostly inefficient when it comes to communicating something important.

Access the Patient Portal Here